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Within the last several years, the ease of access to an individual or a brand creating their own website has increased. There are more and more options out there that allow for you to take your brand digital and in the palm of many new customer’s hands. However, this does not mean that the ease of creating and designing these sites has necessarily increased. The varied different options may appear easier and more cost effective by nature, but they may end in a result that is not what you pictured or way more work than originally planned.

In order to create your vision into a digital masterpiece, it is truly best to hire a professional designer. There are many jobs and situations in life where it makes more sense to hire someone like a lawyer, a real-estate agent, maybe a plumber, and in this cases a web designer/developer.  “Create your own” websites can be a good solution in some cases, but for many the better long-term solution is to hire a professional web developer, and here is why!

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The Benefits to Having a Professional Web Developer

Truly customizable 

It’s tempting to rely on website builders or templates, but ultimately it can be a huge headache if you ever want to change something. Whether it’s the style, how the site behaves on different screen sizes, or showing and hiding content based on certain factors – builders and templates just don’t offer that kind of customization without some serious knowledge of backend coding. 

With a professional developer, you know you’re getting exactly what you’re asking for. With the power of HTML5 and CSS3, knowledgeable developers can make just about any website dream a reality. There will be no limitations on what your vision can look like. 

Years of Experience 

Being able to properly manipulate HTML5 and CSS3 isn’t something that’s learned overnight. Professional developers have years of experience which opens up a huge amount of possibilities. And yes, while it’s certainly possible to learn the basics in a few weeks, do you really want to spend your time doing that and possibly still turning out a product with issues, when you could be working to grow your business doing what you do best? Not to mention, thanks to the knowledge and years of experience, a professional developer will be able to complete your vision in a fraction of the time.

Less Code is Better

Even if you decide to go with a web builder like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress and keep to mostly stock settings, you’re still going to have a massively more complex website than you need. While this may not seem like a big deal, your users and their load times will definitely notice. An average WordPress site install is around 500mb, whereas a site coded by a professional developer is around 50mb. That’s 10x smaller! All the needless bells and whistles that make WordPress and other site builders so “easy” to use are actually making the site slower and creating a worse experience for your customers. Developers allow much more simplicity on the backend of the product in order to keep it as user friendly as possible.

Wide Breadth of Technical Knowledge 

Good developers don’t just know about site coding, they’re familiar with domain registration, DNS, hosting, site security, and many other topics around web coding. This breadth of knowledge is hugely valuable for running your website. Whether that’s creating DNS entries for a domain hosted email, setting your website up with SSL certificates, or simply hosting the files for your site – these are topics that an experienced developer can help with and often take care of for you. This allows you to not feel any of the stress – simply communicate your vision and the developer will do the rest. The designer also brings a different opinion and an outside perspective to help keep all of the focus on the big picture!

User Updates still possible 

One common drawback of a “hard-coded” site which doesn’t use a web builder is that it’s nearly impossible for you, the client, to make updates on your own. Westlake Media offers a built-in editor for our sites which enables our clients to make nearly any change or update they like to the content on their website WITHOUT worrying about breaking something or messing up the style. Now instead of contacting your developer anytime you want to make a store hour change, you can simply login and make the change instantly to your live site.