Window Perf / Security Vinyl

window perf beforewindow perf after

Have your Front Entrances, Athletic Entrances Transformed into a truly eye catching full color Image of your School Pride/Passion and School Spirit. Our ‘See thru’ Window Perforated Film acts as not only a great Branding Opportunity but also as a ‘security film’ . This See thru film protects your privacy by creating a one-way (Inside looking Out) barrier preventing the ability to look in from the outside completely. Great for areas facing School Parking Lots or busy intersections.

Advantages of School Branding:

  • Your BRAND tells everyone who enters your school or facility what you are all about
  • Your BRAND motivates your students, athletes and faculty
  • Your BRAND helps you connect not only with the students, but with the entire community where your school is located
  • SCHOOL BRANDING brings your school to life