“Measure Twice Cut Once” is a great adage to live by, only in this case, we are doing the cutting. To avoid any delays or additional costs, getting the proper measurements is critical for making sure your custom branding is done right the first time. Use our easy to follow measurement guidelines below to make sure you measure properly and get the best results from your new look.

Other Branding Services

I've been working with Westlake Media from a professional standpoint for almost six months now, and all I can say is I wish the organization I am with partnered with them SOONER.

They've been instrumental in helping our small organization build our brand through both physical and digital impressions. As a small business, there are many resources we simply do not have at our disposal. This is where Westlake has come in an made their impact felt and done incredible work for us.

Cory Kukkola

North Central University