Vinyl Gym Banners have the unique ability to showcase your school pride and passion, honor past school accomplishments and strengthen the fan experience in your gymnasium.

Westlake Graphics takes a lot of pride in helping you showcase your school pride and passion through our creative designs and durable banner construction. Our banner construction makes for a durable, long-lasting vinyl banner that allows you to show your school’s accomplishments with pride.

Advantages of School Branding:

  • Your BRAND tells everyone who enters your school or facility what you are all about
  • Your BRAND motivates your students, athletes and faculty
  • Your BRAND helps you connect not only with the students, but with the entire community where your school is located
  • SCHOOL BRANDING brings your school to life

Other Branding Services

I've been working with Westlake Media from a professional standpoint for almost six months now, and all I can say is I wish the organization I am with partnered with them SOONER.

They've been instrumental in helping our small organization build our brand through both physical and digital impressions. As a small business, there are many resources we simply do not have at our disposal. This is where Westlake has come in an made their impact felt and done incredible work for us.

Cory Kukkola

North Central University