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Westlake Media has been partnered with ALOA since 2013 in the development and management of the Find a Locksmith service as well as the website. In addition, we offer special packages specifically for locksmiths who need a helping hand in establishing their web presence.

Creating an image. Growing a Brand

Specialty Offers for Locksmiths

Featured Locksmith

$40 /month

Preferred Listing on

Show at the top of searches in your search radius

Enhanced map listing

Listing badge shows you as a featured vendor

No time commitment

Digital Kickstart

$80 /month

1 Domain Name

Basic Contact Form

Embedded Location/Service Map

Image Gallery (up to 5 images)

Custom Colors

Branded E-mail alias

Combo Package

$100 /month

All features from “Featured Locksmith” Plan

All features from the “Digital Kickstart” Plan


Any locksmith looking for more business can take advantage of the marketing services offered through the Find a Locksmith team! We offer a variety of ways to get more calls, build your brand and grow your network through affordable and effective marketing. If you want to learn more, please email with your contact information and we will reach out to discuss the best solutions for your business!

Featured Locksmith

example featured locksmith map icon
example featured locksmith map listing
example featured locksmith category listing
example featured locksmith location listing

The Featured Locksmith program allows you to get a leg-up on your local competition. As a Featured Locksmith, your business will always rank above standard listings on Find a Locksmith if you’re within the search radius. For example – if a potential customer searches for a locksmith within 25 miles of their location a Featured Locksmith listing will rank at the top even if they’re further away. This can be a huge boost for competitive markets!

Along with prioritized ranking, you’ll also get a special map icon and highlight color to show your status as well as a special spot to showcase your storefront, vehicle, or other company photo in your details section.

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Digital Kickstart

example single page website for a locksmith.

Our Digital Kickstart provides locksmiths with an online presence without the need to spend a lot of money building and maintaining a full site.

Along with a domain, your Digital Kickstart includes a landing page website that your customers can visit to get basic company and contact information. In addition you will receive a branded email alias to forward to your current email address. (For example, your new would automatically forward to your current gmail, yahoo, or other account.)

Having a website with a branded domain and email lends legitimacy to your business and gives your customers a sense of security.

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