There’s no question that your business needs a website. We’re in the 2020s, not having a website for your business is like not having a cellphone – nobody can contact you, nobody can find you, and frankly, people may not even know if you’re real. Now that may be a bit hyperbolic, but if you’re here reading this article there’s a good chance you already know it’s important, but you may not understand why.

Why Do I Need a Website?

Okay, let’s get into the nitty gritty here. Why do we need air? Why do we need love and compassion from friends and family? You may not know the exact reasons for these things, but you know that you need them! Everyone loves listicles these days so here we go: 8 Reasons You Need a Website

1. Your Website is a Digital Business Card

According to digitalcenter.org, Americans spend almost 24 hours online each week and nearly five hours per day on their mobile devices. We spend a LOT of time online, so it’s essential to have information about your company accessible from that space.
In a sense, your website becomes a business card. At any time, your customers need to be able to access it to find important information like your services, employees, and most importantly – your contact information.

2. You Need to be Discoverable

Nobody is out there randomly typing in URLs hoping to discover a company they’d like to do business with, they use search engines. In fact, 93% of online sessions begin at a search engine, even if the user knows exactly where they’d like to go!
With this in mind, it’s important to have a website that’s discoverable. That means having a search-optimized content that allows customers to find your business based on what you actually do and what you can help them with.

3. Your Business Needs Credibility

Let’s be real, in the 2020s most people expect your company to have a website – and often a Facebook or Yelp page alone isn’t going to cut it. First impressions are everything in business so having a poorly designed or content-lacking website is almost as bad as no site at all. In fact, 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website. It’s almost impossible to come off as a reputable company with a bad website.
Much like your storefront or even your own appearance, it’s important to have a well-designed website if you want your business to have credibility in the eyes of your customers.

4. It’s a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

It’s a struggle for any company to optimize their marketing budget – trying to get the most return for the investment made. When it comes to marketing, having a well-optimized website can be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies.
Even short of full-on Google Adwords campaigns, there are many options to utilize your website’s content for effective marketing. Keyword targeting, hyper-local pages, and newsletter signups are just a few options available for optimizing your website to get the most bang out of your marketing dollars.

5. A Website is Open 24-Hours

Unless you’re a real nightowl, you probably don’t want customers calling you in the middle of the night for information. Unlike your business, your website has no store hours. That means even when your staff isn’t available to interact with customers looking to do business, your site is accessible and able to provide helpful information. In addition, it can serve as a point of contact through contact forms and even allow customers to make purchases and submit orders if you’re set up for ecommerce.
Your website is a huge opportunity for allowing your customers to interact with your business on their own schedule. Make sure the interaction they’re having is a good one! 

6. Your Competition has a Website

So you got through point 3 and decided you still don’t need a website. Most of your business comes from word of mouth or you just don’t see the value in a site still. Well guess what? Your competition most likely has a website. A 2018 study by clutch.co found that 64% of small businesses have a website. This means that if your company doesn’t have a site, your competitors are probably getting a leg-up on you.
The sad truth is if you want to stay relevant and competitive in your field, it’s extremely important for your business to have a footprint online. It not only helps you stay competitive, but also displays your role as a forward thinking and tech-savvy business owner.

7. A Website Hones your Image

Your website is a great place to hone the branding of your business. By using a specific aesthetic, vocabulary, graphics, colors, and more – you shape the narrative of your business.
On the other hand, social media sites like Facebook and Yelp are primarily shaped by input from the public. This can be very helpful, but doesn’t always paint a complete picture of your brand. By creating and maintaining a company website, you get to fully control the picture of the business the public will see.

8. A Website Helps You Grow

Finally, the most important reason for having a website is that it helps you grow your business. If you’re hoping to expand your company and bring in new customers, having a good website should be a huge part of your strategy. Overall, businesses that have experimented with creating a website report being happy with their success. In fact, surveys show that 81% of companies who have launched a new website saw their businesses grow.


If you’ve made it this far we hope you’ve come to understand why having a website is so important in today’s business world. Whether it’s designed and managed by a professional web developer (hey, check us out, we don’t bite!) or created yourself using online tools (more information on this in an upcoming article), a website can be one of the best investments you can make in your company.